How to Buy BBA coins

Welcome to the BBA Coins Buying Guide! Follow these simple steps to purchase BBA coins and start your journey into the exciting world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

  1. 1. Open your Web3 Wallet, choose the BNB Smart Chain Network
  2. 2. Open the browser of your wallet, visit
  3. 3. Click on Connect and Accept the Connection
  4. 4. Click in Sign in, and sign the transaction
  5. 5. Click in Platform, add a name and your invitation code, click in Update
    • If you don’t have Invitation-Code use this one: ID18B28E1892CR
  6. 6. Go to Menu Validators, click in New Validator
  7. 7. Scroll down and choose one with BSP (e.g. $10,000)
  8. 8. Click on Get Started, and then click Pay and sign the transaction

Ready! After few mins, you can see you Validator and your BSP in your dashboard.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. • Network Issues: Ensure your Web3 wallet is set to the BNB Smart Chain Network and verify you have a stable internet connection
  2. • Browser Cache: Try clearing your browser cache if you encounter any issues
  3. • Wallet Permissions: Disconnect and reconnect your wallet permissions if the connection fails
  4. By following these steps, you will successfully register on the BBAChain platform and purchase BBA Coins through a validator package.